Mount Jackson in Northern Nevada

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Para-Physics, Inc. is a corporation registered in the state of Nevada. We study borderline and little understood phenomena and abilities of the human mind that are not well understood. Our purposes are to determine the physical basis of real abilities, and to weed out the purported abilities that are false. We are a profit making company, and look for practical applications of real abilities and phenomena. Our studies are based on the latest established science, and not new age pseudo-science.

Para-Physics develops its own equipment for our research. In order to finance our research, we also design products for inventors or entrepreneurs that have no design capability of their own. We prefer not to manufacture anything except, but will design and prototype products for a small development fee and a royalty. We have experts that can quickly generate ideas for solutions to a wide range of customers wish lists. We are used to solving problems that seem impossible to others and pride ourselves on the creation of many past products that pushed the state of the art.

Para-Physics, Inc.
Pioche Nevada